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Angela Copper Foil Paper In Oil Capacitor, .047uF/630VDC

Price: $35.00
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Item Number: ANGC047630
Manufacturer: Jensen Capacitors
Angela Copper Foil Paper In Oil Capacitor, .047uF/630VDC 

The traditional choice for Fender and other similarly equipped guitars with single coil pickups.

.047/630VDC, 35mm long x 16mm diameter (About 1.4 inches long and a little over .6 inches diameter.) My favorite value tone cap for Teles, Strats and Fender basses. Virtually the same as obsolete ".05" value found in many classic guitars and basses. Tolerance -10/+20.

Could these be the best signal capacitors ever made? Many amp builders and guitar technicians all over the world think so. Made by Jensen in Denmark, these paper in oil signal capacitors feature oxygen free copper foil and solid silver lead wires. These copper foil caps set the standard for a natural and realistic presentation of music. Yes, they're a little bit better than similarly constructed aluminum foil paper in oil capacitors. 

Please note, after over 100 years in business the Jensen Capacitors factory in Denmark is closing so after we sell our current stock we will have no more of these fine capacitors.

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