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Angela/ASC Polypropylene and Oil Capacitors

Angela/ASC polyproplylene and oil capacitors feature sealed metal 'oil can' construction and hefty four-way solder lugs on the bottom. The capacitor itself is metalized polypropylene film suspended in a bath of vegetable oil: some claim that this oil provides a damping effect in audio circuits. These capacitors are E-Z to mount to your chassis; just bore the appropriate size round hole and install with the mounting clamps described below. Some folks mount the clamp under the chassis and some mount'em on top. For a DYN-O-MITE appearance, polish the smooth aluminum case or get an industrial painter to coat 'em with black textured Sherwin-Willams Polane-T epoxy paint (air dry only, no ovens please...).

Please note, these caps are non-polarized and non-directional; there is NO 'preferred' orientation. We encourage you to experience this experimentally. Also note that our voltage ratings are conservative; others selling these capacitors in the audio market claim our "515" rated caps are good for 600-800VDC. The bottom line? You can use these capacitors in almost any reasonable tube amplifier circuit without worry.
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Angela ASC Capacitor 15uF/600VDC
Price: $11.75
Angela ASC Capacitor 15uF/600VDC
Angela/ASC Oil Capacitor, 15uF/600VDC, 1.75" diameter, 3.75" tall. For mounting use a 1.75" clamp.
Capacitor Clamp 2.50" Heavy Duty 3-Screw Mount
Price: $3.00
Capacitor Clamp 2.50" Heavy Duty 3-Screw Mount
Clamp for 2.50" capacitor, mounts to chassis with three screws. Clamping machine screw and nut included.

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