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ASC Capacitor 15uF/600VDC

ASC Capacitor 15uF/600VDC
ASC Capacitor 15uF/600VDCTube Amplifier with CapTube Amplifier with Cap
Price: $11.75
Item Number: ASC15
Manufacturer: ASC
15uF/600VDC ASC Oil Capacitor

Angela/ASC Oil Capacitor, 15uF/600VDC, 1.75" diameter, 3.75" tall. For mounting use a 1.75" clamp.  Rolled lip at the bottom of the cap requires an approx. .1875" larger hole in the chassis than 1.75".   Please allow for this lip when planning this chassis. The best advice I can give you is to NEVER drill any holes in a chassis until you actually have all of the parts on hand.

Please note, these caps are non-polarized and non-directional; there is NO 'preferred' orientation.

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