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Angela Aluminum Foil Paper In Oil Capacitor, .047uF/630VDC

Price: $29.00
Item Number: ANGAL047630
Manufacturer: Jensen Capacitors
Angela Aluminum Foil Paper In Oil Capacitor, .047uF/630VDC

Traditional choice for Fender and other similarly equipped guitars with single coil pickups.

.047/630VDC, 33mm long x 14mm diameter (About 1.3 inches long and a little over .5 inch diameter.) Tolerance -20/+30.
Aluminum foil plates, oil impregnated paper dielectric. One of the best sounding audio signal capacitors ever made; smooth, natural and harmonically right.  Superb performance in guitar tone control circuits, tube guitar amplifiers, tube hi-fi gear and tube studio equipment. Only the copper foil Jensens offer higher fidelity. If you don't have the budget for Jensen copper foil paper in oil capacitors the aluminum foil version is a fine choice.   Tinned copper leads measure approx. 45mm. Leads are solder sealed to eyelets in the end discs.  The capacitor element is insulated from the aluminum casing.

Please note, after over 100 years in business the Jensen Capacitors factory in Denmark is closing so after we sell our current stock we will have no more of these fine capacitors.

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