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Alps Pot, Blue Velvet 100K Stereo, RK27112

Alps Pot, Blue Velvet 100K Stereo
Alps Pot, Blue Velvet 100K StereoAlps Pot, Blue Velvet 100K StereoAlps Pot, Blue Velvet 100K StereoAlps Pot, Blue Velvet 100K Stereo
Price: $22.00
Item Number: RK27112
Manufacturer: ALPS
Manufacturer Part No: RK27112
Alps Potentiometer, Blue Velvet 100K Stereo RK27112

Alps Blue Velvet dual/stereo 100K audio taper volume control pot for high quality audio . Solid aluminum 6mm diameter shaft fits vintage and new USA knobs designed for 1/4" shaft USA pots: I tried a bunch of old DAKA-WARE, Fender and other set screw fixing knobs and found that they fit. Six connection lugs, special ALPS audio/log taper. Approx. 29/32" long solid shaft can be custom cut to length desired with a simple Exacto hobby saw. 25mm wide, 25mm high, approx. 25mm deep (measured from the round mounting extension of the diecast face near the threads to the back of the blue plastic case...), Designed for PC or 'point to point' installations; it's a bit tight but you can wrap and solder your wires to the silver plated lugs for 'point to point' circuits. These Alps pots track about as good as the discontinued Black Beauty version, much better than 'generic' volume pots.  Mounting nut and washer are included. Made in Japan.

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