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Tube Base, 8 Pin Oxblood, Short With Gold Pins For EL34 And Other Tubes

8 Pin Oxblood Tube Base With Gold Pins
Price: $1.99
Item Number: 880XGSH
Manufacturer: MC

Oxblood Phenolic Octal 8 Pin Tube Base With Gold Pins For EL34, 6SN7GT, 6SL7GT And Similar Based Tubes

These look like the bases used on RCA "Special Red" Series premium tubes from the '50s-'60s. What a great idea! Outside diameter 1.292", inside diameter 1.150", height .619". Gold plated brass pins. Great for making your own tube adapters, test jigs, replacing broken bases on old tubes. These are similar to but shorter than our part number 880X.

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