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8 Pin Bottom Mount Tube Socket With Extra Lugs, Gold

8 Pin Bottom Chassis Mount Gold Tube Socket
8 Pin Bottom Chassis Mount Gold Tube Socket8 Pin Bottom Chassis Mount Gold Tube SocketDiagram
Price: $2.99
Item Number: 8654G
Manufacturer: MC
8 Pin Gold Octal Bottom Chassis Mount Replacement Tube Socket For Some Old Fender Amps.

Bottom mounts from the underside of the chassis through a 1" hole. Diameter of round portion of saddle measures .981". I measured 1.30" screw mounting centers. Black phenolic body, gold plated saddle and very secure contacts. More (four!) dang grounding lugs on the underside of the saddle than anybody would ever need. Why? This socket does not look exactly like anything Fender used in the '50s-'60s but it is a nearly exact fit replacement for some old Fender amps and is thus highly regarded by many esteemed amp repair artisans. This is the golden crab. Be warned that this is one of the tightest sockets we sell. I could not find a new old stock USA tube that could not be fitted to it but some imported tubes with non-standard size pins may not work.

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