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Pilot Light Bulbs For Fender Amps Etc., #47 6.3V, Ten Pack

Price: $9.99
Item Number: 10x47
#47 6.3V Pilot Light Bulbs For Fender Amps Etc., Ten Pack

Bayonet base with two pins; line up the pins with the two slots in your pilot light assembly, then push down and twist clockwise to install, push down and turn counterclockwise to remove (believe it or not, a number of folks have asked me about this...). Yes, these will fit your '50s-'70s vintage Twin Reverb, Showman, Bassman, Pro Reverb, Super Reverb, Bandmaster, Champ, Vibro Champ, Deluxe, Vibrolux, Tremolux, Harvard, Princeton etc.  Also fits many other vintage amps by Silvertone, Supro, Oahu, Airline, Danelectro, Ampeg, Gibson etc.

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