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N.O.S. Clarostat 381L500 500 Ohm Linear Taper Locking Shaft Mini Pot

Clarostat Pot
Price: $3.98
Item Number: 381 L 500
Manufacturer: Clarostat
Manufacturer Part No: 381L500
Clarostat 500 Ohm Linear Taper Locking Shaft Mini Pot 381-L 500

Genuine Clarostat 500 Ohm Linear Taper Locking Shaft Mini Potentiometers! "381-L 500" stamped on the original individual box.

I measured this pot at various degrees of rotation and it behaves like a linear taper pot. The "L" series pots feature a very short locking shaft just like the larger locking shaft 'hum balance' pots you're probably familiar with. Pot body measures .6605", height of body .341", threaded mounting bushing approx. 3/8" long. Pot shaft has a slot on the end for adjustment. Shaft is locked with a small nickel plated hex nut. Locking shaft pots are commonly used in calibrated electronic test gear. Guitar effects builders find them useful too; these are small enough to build into even small stomp boxes. These are very high quality SEALED pots, much better than what you usually see in modern musical electronics. Clarostat pots were frequently used in military electronics, fancy test gear, scientific equipment, wherever high performance and reliability were the ticket. Easy to solder to the back of the thick nickel plated case. Probably made in Dover, New Hampshire USA, looks like '80s vintage. Complete with mounting hardware.

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