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Capacitor Clamp, 1&5/16"-1&3/8"

Capacitor Clamp, 1&5/16"-1&3/8"
Price: $3.00
Item Number: CL1516
Capacitor Clamp, 1&5/16"-1&3/8"

Mounting clamp for 1&5/16"-1&3/8" diameter LCR, J.J. and similar capacitors, cadmium plated steel, made in USA. These are the clamps that fit popular 50uF+50uF/500VDC found in Marshalls, etc. Mount to chassis with two machine screws, two feet. Clamping machine screw and nut included. Handy Hint! Some folks who don't like the industrial look of these clamps on their hi-fi amps mount 'em underneath the chassis. That works just fine if you've got the real estate 'under the hood'.

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