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Fender Speaker 10" 8 ohm 30 watt Vintage Blue Alnico

Price: $129.99
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Item Number: 0994810001
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0994810001 UPC 717669510237
Fender Speaker 10" 8 ohm 30 watt Vintage Blue Alnico 0994810001

Fender 10" 8 Ohm Vintage Blue Alnico Speaker. Stamped steel frame finished in gloss blue lacquer. Lapped paper cone, real alnico slug magnet. Fender used this speaker as original equipment in the '59 tweed Bassman reissue for many years. Also a popular choice with D.I.Y. amp builders including me; I'm using one of these in my homebrew amp. Kapton voice coil former. Fender gives 30W power rating for this speaker. My guess is that one of these speakers would handle an honest 30 watts or so in a closed back cabinet and somewhat less (50%?) in an open backed cabinet. Made in Kentucky, USA by Eminence.  Genuine Fender 0994810001. UPC 717669510237. 
10" 8-ohm alnico magnet direct replacement speaker used in Blues DeVille™ 410 and early '59 Bassman® Reissue models.

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